The complete Ealing Arts and Leisure Diary of Events can be found on this web site, and the appropriate parts of it appear in print bi-monthly. There are sections for Art & Crafts, Culture & Learning, Dance & Movement, Drama & Poetry, Leisure, Music, plus Multi-activity for events which cover more than one of the other sections.


The Diary is for members of EA+L. If you would like to join, please contact the Membership Secretary (membership@ealingarts.org.uk or 020 8567 4075). There is no charge to members for up to 6 lines in the printed Diary; extra lines cost £2 each. The Date comes free, but you will need to allow at least a line each for Member name, Title (optional), Event Details and Venue; we do need to use a reasonably consistent format to keep the Diary readable, but we’ll do our best not to waste space. The charging is purely to cover printing costs. Invoices are sent out every three issues, i.e., twice a year. If you don’t need your space in an issue, it’s carried forward, so you can have 18 lines in the six-month charging period.


If you use a single form for your listing, we’ll make a single diary entry for you, which will keep the cost down but may make your dates harder to find. Entries on separate forms will be listed separately. For example, if you always meet on Mondays you’re probably best having one listing under “Mondays”, with perhaps a line for each meeting under “Event details”, but you’d probably want concerts listed as separate events under their individual dates.


Both members and non-members can take out a display advertisement in the printed version: here are the details and prices.


A copy of the printed Diary is sent to the relevant contact for each society, and this comes with a printed entry form for the following issue. It makes life much easier for the editor, and saves copying mistakes, if you send your entry electronically if possible. If the wrong person is getting the printed Diary, let the Membership Secretary know.


The easiest way to get your entry into the Diary is to use the form on this site. You can use it for events up to a year ahead – but please don’t send it off until you’re sure your information is accurate. The printed Diary is simply an extract from the web version.


Your diary listing will normally expire at the end of the next printed diary’s period, but if you put a month and year into the “Display until” section of the form, we’ll repeat your listing until then unless you replace it. We can’t repeat listings for regular events for more than a year, though, as no-one would remember to cancel them when their group folded.


You can email your entry to diary@ealingarts.org.uk if you prefer, but using the web form should be simpler, and help you give the right information in the right order.


The web editor should acknowledge your electronic entry as it goes onto the web site, which gives you a chance to check it. Emails can go astray, so please send again if yours hasn’t appeared on the web, and you think it may not have got through. Even better: ring Richard on 020 8567 4075, as he only checks EA+L emails every so often.


Distribution of the printed Diary is handled by Hazel Talbot. She’ll be delighted to hear from you if you have an idea for a new outlet – and even more so if you can offer help with the distribution.


And finally, please remember that all the work is done by volunteers. Treat us gently!