“To see a comprehensive range of arts facilities established within the Ealing Broadway area in the form of a high quality Performance and Arts Centre as a complement to current arts provision.

Such a Centre will establish Ealing as a regional centre of excellence for professional and amateur music, drama, dance, film, comedy and other arts.”



     March 2016


Neigbourhood Plan backs arts centre idea


CEPAC’s ambitions for a central Ealing arts facility received a boost this month by being given a top spot in the draft Neighbourhood Plan now out for public consultation.


The Plan, which is being prepared by the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum, has as one of its key objectives the provision of new leisure and recreational facilities to serve the large increase in population projected for the town centre.


It identifies as a priority need for the area “an arts and community leisure facility providing a multi-purpose venue”. This would accommodate a 250+ seat auditorium/sports hall with a minimum of two indoor sports courts, gym and dance facilities, changing rooms, storage, meeting rooms and associated administration with disabled parking facilities.


Supporters of CEPAC’s vision are urged to comment on the Forum’s plan by taking part in the public consultation. Details can be seen at the web site, where there is a link to a survey. The views expressed there will influence the final plan, which will be put to a local referendum later this year.


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     John Hummerston

     CEPAC Chairman


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CEPAC is a member of the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum (CENF), Save Ealing’s Centre (SEC) and Ealing Arts + Leisure.

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