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Members’ Diary of Events entry form

This form is to make it easy for members of Ealing Arts and Leisure to send off event details for the EAL Diary of Events. If you’re not a member yet, ring the Ealing Arts Line 020 8998 4465 or email membership@ealingarts.org.uk.

The same information is used for both the web and printed versions of the Diary. The editor will acknowledge receipt as it goes onto the web site, so you can check there that the text is correct.

With luck, your details will appear on the web site soon, and you can publicise events there up to a year ahead.

If you have more than one event, send the form again. If you have regular events, though (e.g., weekly or fortnightly), it helps to list them on a single form. We’ll then show them as a single entry under (e.g.) "Wednesdays".

The printed Diary appears every two months, the deadline being a month in advance, so for the April/May edition your info must arrive by March 1st. Please send again if it’s close to the deadline and you think your entry may not have got through, and ring the Webmaster (020 8567 4075) to check it’s arrived this time.

There is a box marked “Display until”. If you have a regular event, and want it to continue to appear on the web and in the printed Diary after the next edition, put (e.g.) “January 2018” in this box and “Thursdays” in the Day(s) of the week box. If you’ve filled in the box, your listing will be kept until the end of the month you’ve put, but if it’s empty your listing will be removed when the next printed Diary goes out of date, or until the last date in your entry if later. You can list events up to a year ahead.

If you've missed the deadline for the printed Diary but want to get on the web site, please use this form but also ring the Webmaster (020 8567 4075), as he may otherwise not deal with it until the next deadline approaches!

Every member’s name is shown in the back of the printed Diary, and every member can also have 6 lines plus the date in each printed edition free, but lines above this cost £2 each, so that the Diary doesn’t have to depend on donations. This means that whatever you send will get printed, but it could get expensive if you write a lot! We can’t promise a particular format or have different versions for the web and printed Diaries, but we won’t waste space; the aim is to cover printing costs, not to make money out of you. Invoices are sent out every three issues.

If you’re interested in a display advert in the printed edition (also available to non-members), click here for details.

Emails about the Diary should be sent to diary@ealingarts.org.uk.

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Please check your entry carefully before sending!


Problems with the form? Email diary@ealingarts.org.uk,
or phone 020 8567 4075. Best to phone if it’s urgent.
Not a member yet? Give me a ring,
or email membership@ealingarts.org.uk.